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Purchase Hong Kong Shelf Company

Shelf Company is the company that is already registered in the books of law but has never traded or conducted business and holds no assets or liabilities, which means it is waiting for someone to buy it. Proprietors buy such companies for it is the best way to quickly acquire a company without going through the time-consuming procedure of registering a new one.

Future Business Center provides you the option to purchase the shelf company. The prime benefit of purchasing a shelf company is that it makes it easier to acquire bank loans for investments as it creates the perception of perpetuity and will seem like a reliable investment to the banks. These companies often have only one director and shareholder to keep things simple.

The buying process is quite simple, all the potential client needs to do is get all of the registered capital/shares of the shelf company and the new director(s) replaces the original director. Buying a shelf company has some advantages over incorporating new company.Shelf companies are a very good option if in future you want to commence business in the mainland of China because it may require a Hong Kong company of more than 2 years of existence.

Shelf Hong Kong Company

  • 350/- P.M HK$
  •   List of companies to choose from
  •   Buy and sell documents
  •   Memorandum/Articles of Association
  •   Certificate of Incorporation
  •   Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  •   Greenbox: Shares certificates, cheque chop, round chop, common seal
  •   Director’s declaration for no business
  •   Ready in 3 business days
  •   Government fees excluded (From HKD1970 depending on when the company is incorporated)
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