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Incorporate Hong Kong Companies

Setting up a business and finding a niche in a new city is a quite strenuous process, especially at a place that follows free market flow. Numerous aspects involved in this and a one single mistake can cost you dearly, therefore you need to tie multiple loose ends to ensure legality of your idea. A business idea that could have given you millions can cause disaster; hence, it is of utmost importance that meticulous care is exercised when registering a company.

Future’s professional employees assist you in incorporating your company in Hong Kong. We take conscientious care of all the elements while executing the registration process for your company.


incorporate in Hong Kong

  •    Hong Kong has been the preferred business access route to mainland China
  •    Business-friendly tax system
  •    World-class infrastructure
  •    Global financial centre.
  •    World's freest economy.
  •    Developed communications

is eligible to apply in Hong Kong for business?

  •   Anybody in the World
  •   Any Company in the World
  •   Only One person is needed
  •   Mixture of Persons and Companies

we have to offer

  •   Company Secretary
  •   Annual Audit Arrangement
  •   Accounting
  •   Tax Filing

Base Packages & Add-On Options

Sustention of company is crucial

Once you register the company, the actual game begins and that is to maintain the integrity and legality of business. Several elements must be performed annually like tax filing, annual return, employer return and business registration certificate renewal for ensuring its sustainability.

Auditing & Taxation

Assisted by Certified Public Accountant to carry out error-free auditing and taxation.

Auditing & Taxation

Under the business laws of Hong Kong, a limited company is required to prepare an Auditor’s Report and file a profit tax return. For a limited company, these are the two most crucial elements for it determines how much profit tax you are required to pay, if any. Delaying in submitting the Auditor’s Report, profit tax return or paying your tax means you will be dealing with legalities.

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Bookkeeping & Accountancy

The systematic way of maintaining the record of transactions for accurate financial analysis.

Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Book-Keeping refers to recording of day-to-day financial transactions and is the foundation of accountancy. Transactions related to purchases, sales, receipts and payments of the company throughout the fiscal year are included. Once you make records of transactions and bank statements available to us, we will compile the details into a standard format for the Auditor to verify it.

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And Everything Else

In addition to things that you must do every year like submitting Annual Return

And Everything Else

In addition to things that you must do every year like submitting Annual Return and Employer Return, there can be so many things you may want to change during course of the year. Most commonly, adding or removing of shareholders and directors, changing of address, share capital, adding a tradename to your company or opening bank accounts. We are here to help you do just that.

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10 Most Asked Questions

In case you do not have a commercial address in Hong Kong, you will be ineligible to conduct business even if it’s virtual. Point to be noted, commercial is requisite not residential address. You can use Future’s virtual office as a registered address.

Fortunately there are no sales tax and GST in Hong Kong. However, there are duties for tobacco, liquor, automobiles, gasoline etc. that are usually beyond the business scope of our clients.

No, you don’t have to because you can sign on all documents we prepared for you and courier them back to our office. However,, must remember that maximum banks require the directors to be present at the account opening. If you are in China, HSBC can open an account via video conferencing from their supported local branches, extra charge applies. To save valuable time and money, most clients book their flight and hotel after the incorporation is complete.

Yes, you can easily and quickly change the name of a limited company even after it is incorporated.

If you are a resident of Hong Kong and you are not the only director of your company then you can indeed act as the company secretary without any fuss.

Simple 3 things - submit Annual Return, renew your business registration certificate and submit an audit report (if profitable).

Yes. You can set up a Paypal account with your newly incorporated company. Please note that when setting up the link to your bank account, the bank account holder must have the same name as your company name or the registered person’s name in Paypal.

You can always provide us the basic information of your company via our online signup 24/7, once you decide to incorporate business in Hong Kong. We give you the option of either printing your application and sending it to us or simply pay directly with your credit cards or Paypal so we can start the process as soon as possible.

Let Future build your future

Future Business Center believes in bestowing value-added service. Through the knowledge of the business environment we assist our clients not only in establishing business but also provide additional service. The reason behind is that executing business isn’t a walk in the park, it demands effort and thus, our Hong Kong Business Center is here to back you up at every step to sail through this tedious process. Ultimately, you will be receiving the best deal.

The crux of the business registration

The basics are the most critical aspects and to avoid them meaning inviting doom for your business. That’s why we suggest you select our already complete serviced or virtual offices and avoid the crumpling of papers. Play safe yet quick, we help you to register your company from the very beginning itself, meaning you will not have to go through the ado of filling in registration forms because all our serviced and virtual offices have all been registered.

Enormous benefits are waiting for you

Starting a company in Hong Kong can be immensely rewarding if you start operating it quickly yet safely because The legal system of Hong Kong is world class; it is recognized worldwide as a financial hub that enjoys global access to finances; there is a minimum of financial control that generates fluidity in the flow of funds; business operations are is given a free reign and many unsaid benefits are associated. Avail these benefits with Future’s assistance for we ascertain legality in every aspect.

Welcome to free liberalized economy

Future Business Center has made a rational decision by establishing a presence in a niche that has flourished with the heritage foundation. Hong Kong is an investor's den for it has everything from water to money; every single resource ripples through the economy with astonishing ease and impact. The business life of Hong Kong permeates through the entire country with a free reign and that’s the reason the island is vibrating and magnetizing the attraction.

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