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In this fast moving era where competition is getting tougher day by day and the cost of covering preliminary expenses are rising, business centers have proven to be a boon for businesspersons. It is a place providing office facilities and services with well-equipped advance IT services and tailored yet trained professional services.

Getting a workspace in the business center is appealing, especially for budding and small enterprises. The benefits associated with it are as follow:

  Professional Environment
  Expenses are kept to a minimum
  Location and easy connectivity
  Short term lease
  Community Culture expansion
  Networking becomes quite simple

Being a uniquely global business city and a financial hub for business entities, here are the key benefits of starting business in Hong Kong:

  An International Junction
  World's Freest Economy and Free Trade
  Hassle-Free Setup
  Easy and understandable tax structure
  Consideration of the prior use of intellectual property.
  Best investment vehicle for mainland China-based business leaders.
  Open economy with liberalized framework.
  Business Structure with straightforward procedure.

After the pandemic, the notion of WFH is surging across the world. It may sound inconceivable but with understanding of emerging trends of business center, you can accomplish it easily. We at Future Business Center are offering 3 solutions for easy WFH along with mailbox which are:

  Virtual Office
  Service Office
  Meeting Room

  Advanced IT infrastructure coping with the new reality.
  High Speed Broadband internet and Wireless broadband
  Easy Access to scanners, printers and copiers

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of professional services, space and/or technology, without bearing preliminary expenses and worrying over long-term lease for permanent business.

Serviced office is a workspace that is fully equipped and managed by a professional staff at a business center. These business centers rent individual offices or floors to other companies, while also providing all the professional services as requested by the clients.

  Corporate presentation, with reception area
  Secured access to the centre and to your personal office space
  High-quality and classy furnishings and fittings
  Spacious kitchen and social breakout areas

Benefits associated with the virtual offices are:

  No worry about relocation issues.
  A Virtual office assistant or worker means a dedicated professional.
  Saves office space.
  Increase in employee retention rate.
  Work-life balance
  Enhanced productivity
  Low costs

The essence of virtual office is its digital services, which includes:

  A personal contact number
  Online phone system (VoIP)
  Compatible virtual assistance
  Access to website domains and official email
  Instant Message, chat and other web-based RTC platforms
  Video conferencing with webinars or other screen sharing platforms
  Online digital storage
  Cloud-based applications

Crucial benefits of service offices are:

  Low start up costs
  Prestigious addresses
  Flexible leasing without much supervision
  Building Maintenance
  Immediate and easy availability at a prime location
  Professional support staff available as needed
  Access to business centers worldwide
  Modern fit-out and fully furnished offices
  Bundled and unbundled packages are available as per the need of clients.

Multiple professional services come under service offices which are:

  Professional reception services.
  Administrative Support
  Telecom services
  IT infrastructure and internet connectivity.
  24/7 Security.
  Furnished office with modern amenities.

Yes. All of our virtual offices are in commercial buildings and are eligible for business registration or as registered addresses.

Yes. All of our virtual offices are in commercial buildings and are eligible for business registration or as registered addresses.

Absolutely yes. Additionally, you can also use it on your website, advertisements, product packaging and so on.

No, Future Business Center unlike some other business centres in Hong Kong, don’t put a limit on it

Yes, but we will need a confirmation from you. There is no charge unless we need to pay for the disposal.

You will be given a local number dedicated to your account. When someone calls this number, we will answer the call with the greeting you want. Most client use their company name as their greeting but you can customize in many ways

During office hours, after taking the call on your behalf, we will put the caller to hold while we try to reach you on the number you put on your call instruction. We will report to you who is calling and ask if you would like to take the call. If you decide to take the call, we will then merge you and the caller to begin your conversation.

No, Future Business Center unlike some other business centres in Hong Kong, don’t put a limit on it.

Call forwarding is a service where all incoming calls to your virtual office phone number are being forwarded to another number without any of our customer service representative to answer it. Call forwarding can be set up for 7×24 or after office hours only.

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