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Meeting Rooms in Hong Kong

Reach out to Future Business Center. It doesn’t matter if you are our existing client or not, our range of meeting rooms and conference rooms will give you the comfort, convenience, facilities and privacy you need to conduct the meeting smoothly without any hassle.

Future’s Meeting rooms are equipped and supported by on-site admin and IT staff; it is available for booking from an hour to full-day as per your requirements. Every meeting room has conference phones, free internet connection. You’ll have complete access to utilize whiteboards, televisions and projectors. Whether you’re looking for a boardroom to hold an executive session or a conference room for a company event, our meeting room has the potential to meet your needs.

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  •   Flexible and easy configuration
  •   Inclusive pricing
  •   No hidden cost
  •   Trained Service staff
  •   Cafeteria
  •   Manager room in Senior Management/Executive Cabins
  •   Adequate Space
  •   Short lease term
  •   Vending machine
  •   Prime Location
What people loved about Future’s serviced offices.

Our meeting rooms across Hong Kong has been designed for and used by companies of different sizes and industries for different purposes. Talk to us to see if we can help even if the your purpose is not on the list.

Harbour Center, Tower 2

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15/F Millennium City 5

  12 Person Meeting Rooms

  08 Person Meeting Rooms

Comming Soon

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Comming Soon

  12 Person Meeting Rooms

  08 Person Meeting Rooms

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Our vision is to add value; hence, we take care of everything for you so that you can just focus on your meeting. Whether the IT and audio visual equipment will work, or whether there will be enough refreshments for your guests, you don’t need to worry about anything. Furthermore, if you want us to do something additional for you, we will be ready at foot.We provide flexible pricing on all rental options, smooth bookings, a warm welcome and great service at your arrival. Chilled water and lunch can be served.

Future Business Center offers meeting rooms with all the relevant amenities often at no extra costs for the some services. All the meeting rooms are well-equipped with LCDs to ensure the attractiveness and clarity of presentations. There are top of the line Polycom and Sony IP based conference systems that are highly compatible with video conference systems in different locations and areas. The units of IP phones and Polycom are available for clients to facilitate voice conferences. Furthermore, today the internet has become the most crucial resource, hence, wireless and wired internet connection delivering fast, reliable and secured connections are also available should you need them. Future Business Center also offers additional services such as RSVP, catering and after office hours booking among others.

We have a reputation of delivering the best and authentic services and are eager to maintain this. Our Hong Kong Business Center has professional employees to provide you with an extra helping hand. These professionals are multi-lingual and assist your guests in friendly yet professional manner. The locations’ centre manager makes sure that every request of our clients gets fulfilled for smooth business functioning. Future business Center also provides expert in-house IT support staff who take care of all your technical issues either with our equipment or yours. We consider every aspect of service, thus along with advanced hardware solutions we bestow our clients with professional services by highly trained front desk staff.

Future Business Center favors to stick with professionalism. That’s why each meeting room is designed to be pleasing to the senses and has neutral interior design, making it suitable for most types of business. Avoiding loud colors and sticking to more professional and subtle colors to avoid distraction during meetings and conferences, each meeting room is very conducive to group discussions. Each meeting room also has neutral interior design – making it suitable for most types of business.

Future Business Center is always ready to impart the value added services to its clients.

Plans & Pricing

Plan - A

  •   Capacity: 6
  •   RM1201, 12/F, Tower 2, Harbour Centre Hong Kong

Standard rate:

HKD 300/hour

  •   Half-day (09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00): $1080 (HK$270/hr)
  •   Full-day (09:00-18:00; 10:00-19:00): $1920 (HK$240/hr)
  •   Same-location virtual office clients: 50% OFF
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Plan - B

  •   Capacity: 8
  •   RM1201, 12/F, Tower 2, Harbour Centre Hong Kong

Standard rate:

HKD 400/hour

  •   Half-day (09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00): $1440 (HK$360/hr)
  •   Full-day (09:00-18:00; 10:00-19:00): $2560 (HK$320/hr)
  •   Same-location virtual office clients: 50% OFF
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Plan - C

  •   Capacity: 10
  •   RM1201, 12/F, Tower 2, Harbour Centre Hong Kong

Standard rate:

HKD 500/hour

  •   Half-day (09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00): $1800 (HK$450/hr)
  •   Full-day (09:00-18:00; 10:00-19:00): $3200 (HK$400/hr)
  •   Same-location virtual office clients: 50% OFF
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Harbour Center, Tower2

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