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Future Business Center – Serviced Office

The beautiful and spacious offices do not always need to be expensive. Our outlook to create a sustainable working environment while considering a comfortable design and friendly community is a way to give you the best. Since service offices are the strongest foundation on which your business can develop, we ascertain that our team is there to make sure that workflow is as easy as possible at your office, so you can concentrate on your business without any worry.

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Serviced Office In Hong Kong

Future Business Centre bestows clients from various industries, irrespective of its scale. We offer flexible leases as per your requirements and try to be the permanent option for your business.

Our packages provide world-class services that come hassle-free with all amenities. We believe in creating value, thus offering an efficient and spacious layout that facilitates flexibility to easily move into a dedicated office at any point as your business grows.

serviced offices in hongkong
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Why Choose Future's Office ?

Future’s Service Offices are completely fitted out with exceptional and advanced facilities and equipment. The current scenario is a digitalized era, meaning we can say that without internet, it is almost impossible for a business to run, thus at Future, we ascertain to impart our clients with high-speed and authorized internet connection. The deployed network architecture provides end to end data security. Additionally, servers rooms are occupied with uninterrupted power supply (UPS), 24-hour air conditioning, anti-static raised floors and FM200 fire-safety solutions to make sure you will always get fast and reliable internet connection.

We consider every aspect of service, thus along with advanced hardware solutions we bestow our clients with professional services by highly trained front desk staff. These professionals are multi-lingual and assist your guests in friendly yet professional manner. The locations’ centre manager makes sure that every request of our clients gets fulfilled for smooth business functioning. Our Hong Kong business Center also provides expert in-house IT support staff who take care of all your technical issues either with our equipment or yours.

The location part of business is inevitable. Our business center is located at the prime location of Hong Kong. Even if you aren’t familiar with the city, no need to worry, because we ensure you get access to all amenities and our serviced office is presentable to your clients, suppliers and employees.

Serviced Office Spaces In Hong Kong

Public Meeting Places In Hongkong
6 Desk WorkStation

Harbour Center, Tower 2, Hongkong

  • HK $6900 / week
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8 Desk WorkStation

Harbour Center, Tower 2, Hongkong

  • HK $9200 / week
business meeting space hongkong
10 Desk WorkStation

Harbour Center, Tower 2, Hongkong

  • HK $11500 / week

Some of Our Renowned Clients

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With Future serviced office, having a workspace in the prime business location in Hong Kong is not a dream anymore. Cut down your preliminary expenses and hassles of setting up an office in the liberalized economy because at Future you only need to pay a monthly service fee inclusive of all office needs including internet connection, telecommunication and beverage and refreshments for you and your guests. Our Hong Kong offices are easy to locate because it is located in the high-end of the city.

In addition to services and location, another benefit of opting for a Future service office is the flexible lease agreement. No need to commit five-year long contracts for office rent outs as we offer short term lease without charging for exit cleaning.

Future’s vision is to add value, sticking to it; our services offices are well-equipped with modern facilities. From furniture to high-speed secure internet connection, every element defines our premium-quality services. Furthermore, you can also avail the services from Future’s highly proficient staff that are always ready to help you in the best way.

Most of the professionals are multilingual, initiating conversation with your international clients in a professional way. The staff is also capable of welcoming your guests to manage reception services for you including phone calls and emails. IT-Staff is always ready on feet to overcome any kind of technical glitches that you might encounter. In a nutshell, Future’s staff is competent both academically and practically to assist you at every step.

We provide hassle free business solutions. When it comes to business especially at one of the best business locations, every single thing matters. Future’s reputable and prime location is a gateway to your business growth, irrespective of whatever business industry you are involved in. Our service offices never fail to amaze and impress clients, with combination of modern amenities, professional services and extra helping hand, you can surely write the prologue of your business story at Future.

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